Transition to Primary One


K’s transition to Primary One was quite smooth. KL was with him in school for the first day and then we pretty much left him alone after that.

No problems with buying food and getting the right change because he’s a calculative person by nature and counting time/money is something that he really enjoys doing (although that annoys me sometimes because I’m totally the opposite of that). He eats three times in school. He has a snack break at 9.15am where he’s required to eat snacks from home. So far, I’ve been mixing and matching cereal/biscuits/fruits on different days. He has recess at 12 noon. And then he has a late lunch at either 1.30pm or 2.00pm when school ends. His favourite food in school is currently chicken rice with mushroom (pictured above). Other things that he’s tried before are maggi noodles with soup/fishball/fishcake, tau sau pau, french fries. A lot of unhealthy things! I told him that he shouldn’t be eating french fries too often and the next time he eats that maggi noodles he should ask the auntie for green veg.

I suppose there’s no problems with taking care of his own belongings cos I’ve been sneaking peeks into his bag (arrangement is for him to pack his own bag, I don’t touch it since I’m not the one going to school) and nothing seems to be lost yet.

The toughest thing that he’s learning now is to get home on his own via public transport. There’s a public bus stop right outside his school gate and it takes him about 20 minutes (7/8 stops) on the bus plus 5 minutes of walking (including 1/2 traffic lights) to get from school to home. So far he’s taken the public bus and walked home on his own thrice. I’ll say bye to him at the school gate, watch him board the bus from afar, and then drive home to meet him.

The only not-so-smooth thing about going to Primary One is that his eczema is slightly flaring up. I could think of so many reasons for that — dirtier environment compared to childcare, sweatier now compared to childcare, allergens (or possibly MSG) in the canteen food, stress of adapting to a new place, etc etc. To control it, I am trying to moisturize him a bit more in the morning before he goes to school. I’m also applying topical steroids sparingly, which is a waste because he’s off topical steroids for months actually.


One thought on “Transition to Primary One

  1. Hi Jane,

    I came across your blog and I like to comment that K is a very independent boy! Will he be home alone until you return from work? It’s be my ds turn in 2 yrs time and I wonder is this arrangement possible? Hmmm….v tempting cause I do not wish to send him to student care n consider dropping the maid . HB n I r working parents. Can share? Thanks.

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