Transition to Kindergarten

T is now in kindergarten! Spoke with his teacher on Friday and confirmed that he has no problems adapting, this being the same school he’s been going to for the past 1.5 years. She says he’s even eating greens, which is something he definitely doesn’t do at home. She also said that when she saw his messy handwriting, it reminded her of gor gor’s handwriting immediately!

T still has some problems falling asleep at 8.30pm (last year’s bed time was 9.30pm) because he takes a nap in school. There was one night where he tossed and turned till 10ish. As a result, he is very upset when we wake him up at 6.30am. In the photo above, he’s using a blanket to cover his face so he doesn’t have to wake up!

He had his first 听写 yesterday for the words 大, 天 and 上!


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