Pink books, love, and being three years older

I am very proud that K is now such an independent boy, and I’ve been repeatedly telling him so. Apart from learning to do a lot of things on his own, he also caught me by surprise with some of the sweet things he’s been saying/doing …

K returned/borrowed books at the public library on his own yesterday. I drove the both of us to the mall, we parted at the mall, he went to get books and I went to get dinner. I took 20 minutes and by the time I popped back to the library to look for him, he’s already selected 16 books! Usually when I go to the library, 20 minutes can only get me 8 children books (or less) because I spend a lot of time going through the blurb, browsing through to look at the illustrations, reading it a bit, thinking if its appropriate for reading aloud to them etc. I also like to get a combination of fiction and non-fiction books. But K is obviously less discerning. Yesterday’s choices included some Level 1/2 read aloud books (for K to read to T because I pay K a small fee to do so), some superhero books, and some totally inappropriate books that were all princessy and pink! K explained that he purposely picked out the pink ones for his brother because he knows T likes pink. It’s so ultra sweet of him, but if I were the one, I would have never have done that because those pink books were so ewwwwwww …. I was actually cringing as I read some of them aloud yesterday. 

One of the books that K borrowed was Peppa Pig and the Lost Christmas List cos he knows T still likes Peppa Pig. There was a page inside where all of Peppa’s friends listed their Christmas wish. I told the boys that my Christmas wish is always a holiday. T followed and said he also wanted a holiday. When it’s K’s turn, he gave a really good answer. He said he wanted love as his Christmas wish! Gosh, I was taken aback by how mature the answer was. Turned out that he “learnt” the concept of love because he’s in the red house in school and the house’s value is love.

Last week, K told me he wanted to be three years older than T. I took a few seconds to think of a reason but couldn’t settle on any. So I asked him why and he said he wants to be three years older so that he can be T’s buddy when T goes to Primary One. Awwwww … that’s so sweet. Well, when I was growing up, I’ve never thought that same way about my brother before, ever.


3 thoughts on “Pink books, love, and being three years older

  1. K is so sweet. T is a big boy now. Both are very gd looking 🙂 Gd to read that K has outgrown some of d allergies. Ash too. Other than peanuts/nuts, he can b more adventurous w food these days.
    You are still blogging. Great! I love to read your blog.

    • Are you still blogging? C is so pretty from all your FB posts!!! They grow up so fast, right? For the allergies, I think nuts will be very hard to outgrow …

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