Something’s gotta give

Our weekday morning routine is more or less set. Mornings are not stressful because KL’s been around to help everyday. KL wakes up before 6am, I wake up at 6am, the boys wake up at 6.30am. While I take my bath and change, KL will be waking the boys up and brushing their teeth. KL goes off to get the car while I make the boys take their fruit (sometimes) and pack along something for them to munch as breakfast on the car ride. We all drive off at 6.50am and KL + K gets dropped off at K’s school at 7.05am. T gets dropped off at his school at 7.20am. I get to work at 7.30am.

Our weekday afternoon/evening routines are still in flux. I’m still figuring out what’s the best way to fit outdoor play time, indoor games, reading, cooking (only 2 – 3 times a week) and gym classes (haven’t gone for any this year yet) all together and still get the boys to go to bed before 9pm. Something’s gotta give and sadly, I’ve been cutting their reading time. Up till last year, we used to spend 1 – 1.5 hours reading before bed time. Now, if I can afford it, I’ll be reading to them when they eat their dinner. If I can’t afford it, we just skip reading altogether for that day.

The thing is that I can’t bear to cut the outdoor play because the weather’s been so nice recently for bringing the boys to the park/pool. But then after playing, I would feel so guilty that all the books I borrow from the library that week get so under-read. Hiyah. Maybe in the next few weeks, I should try out a system where there’s intensive reading for some weekdays (2 maybe?) so the books don’t get shortchanged.


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