Smiley and not so smiley news

15 Jan 14
15 Jan 14 — No screaming/crying pics of him at the dentist cos I was too busy holding him down. Instead, we have lots of smiley faces to remember that traumatic day. Smiley at 8am+ cos he’s happy to wear his gor gor’s green sweater. Smiley at 10am+ cos he’s happy to be hitting the playground and Toys R Us where there weren’t any other children there to jostle with him. Smiley at lunch time because he’s had his tummy filled by his fav tomato pasta.

22 Jan 13 — As for not so smiley news about T, he was a big bully at class today. While the teacher was not looking, he squirted hand sanitizer at some of his classmates’ faces. Teacher realized and washed their faces immediately. Luckily, no one was hurt … but it could have been really serious if it the bottle contained poisonous liquid and he squirted it straight into their eyes. He also called a girl classmate names (“farted”). I was so upset with his behaviour that I snapped away at him for at least an hour after I picked him up. We were actually supposed to try out another gym class today. But I cut the gym class for him, didn’t allow him to go to the playground, took away all his books, didn’t give him fruits/milk/supper. This is the first time I’m taking food away from him as a punishment and I must say it works very well in his case because he doesn’t seem very upset/repentant/affected by all the other punishments we’ve been dishing out (today and on his other ill-behaved days).


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