Alexandra Canal Linear Park

16 Jan 14
16 Jan 14 — T was sulking because he was racing his brother to come down the slide and he’s always losing. This little boy really doesn’t take to losing very well. Whenever we play games at home, he always cries very pathetically when he loses (or if he’s about to lose). We give him a few concessions (like less penalties, and some clues on which is the next move), but we’ll never pretend that he’s the winner when he’s not. That’s cos he needs to learn that things don’t always go the way we want to in life. Of course, he doesn’t understand something so chim yet, so while we’re explaining it calmly to him he’s busy crying pathetically and drowning out the explanations.

23 Jan 14 — For an update that’s not about T … K received an MMR booster shot in school today. It’s health check week and along with the immunization, he had a hearing test + eyesight test + general body checkup. He’s 115cm now. The doctor in charge of the vaccination was nice enough to call me up to ask about his egg white allergy. Actually, he’s more or less outgrown that allergy, cos there’s no puking or immediate rashes after he eats food containing eggs (although if he gets eczema later, I won’t be able to tell that it’s from the egg white). Booster shot was given and he told me he didn’t cry (no classmates cried, don’t know how true is that).


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