Bruised knee

21 Jan 13
21 Jan 13 — Rare day that KL finished his work early and was back home before 5pm! He wanted to go for a short 4km jog so all of us tagged along. Plan was for T to scoot and K to brisk walk (cos he had a drippy nose + slight cough and I didn’t want him to go so fast and finish the entire stretch). Before we even hit the 500m mark, T fell off the scooter, earned himself a bruised knee, and wanted to be carried! K ended up finishing the whole stretch really fast on his brother’s scooter … even though he’s supposed to take it easy that day.

Talking about being sick, K had on/off nosebleeds for four days last week. They weren’t too serious and they happened either at home or in the car. I made him bring two packs of tissue to school just in case but luckily there wasn’t any need to use them.


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