Behaving better in school now

13 Feb 14
Last week, I blogged about T’s bad behaviour in school. He squirted hand sanitizer at some his classmates’ faces and called someone names. I also learnt from his form teacher that he has pushed classmates before, beat classmates before, and disrupted classes before … and we’re not even very far ahead in the year yet. There was quite a bit of punishment for him at home last week with us cutting back on his playtime, cutting back on his reading time, cutting a lot of things that he’s supposed to enjoy (I even kept all his puzzles from him), and forcing him to do the un-finished schoolwork at home before he can sleep. He seems to be much better at school now because he’s received three stickers in a row this week for good behaviour in class! Well, his good behaviour doesn’t mean he’s good good, it just means he didn’t do anything wrong and behaved like any normal decent K1 child should behave. He was so proud to wear his crab(by) sticker out for dinner tonight!

Squeezed K into a tiny corner of this collage because he too received a model student badge today =) It’s given out to one student once a week. After receiving the badge, he told me the teacher praised him for his honesty in class. Teacher marked him correct for something that he actually got wrong (filling in the blanks for “a” and “an”). He went to tell the teacher she made a mistake in her marking, and she shared the story with the class.


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