Soldiers and blocks

Feb 14 Soldiers
For two weeks in February, the boys were busy building Citiblocs structures for their toy solders. Two funny stories I can recall … there was one evening where T built a maze-y looking thing (bottom middle pic), and he was asking KL what happens if the soldiers cannot find their way out? He’s so funny! There was another evening where T asked K to help him build toilets (bottom right pic) for his camp — one female cubicle, one male cubicle, one disabled cubicle.

K is quite interested in battle strategy, from the little I’ve read to him. I’ve always on the look out for good reading material on war that’s pitched at their level (5 – 7 years old) but good war books are really so much harder to find than say good science books. So the battles I’ve introduced to them so far has been limited to what’s available in print at their level, like the Trojan War, battle at Pearl Habour, German invasion of Poland, and battle of Pasir Panjang.


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