Henry and something else

T visited a fish farm and goat farm this morning for his school excursion. I was quite shocked when he was given two small fishes and a small fish tank to bring home! Now I’m not a plant and animal person, and I’ve never ever discussed keeping a pet with the boys before … and suddenly, these two things just came home with us w/out any warning! And because they’ve already been brought home, we had to be responsible owners and do something about them (ie can’t leave them to die at night). So KL had to quickly go out and get fish food (he threw in a plant too). K contributed by picking up some small rocks to decorate the tank. As for responsibilities, K is responsible for feeding them a tiny bit of fish food everyday. KL is responsible for changing the water if it gets murky.

K gave them names at dinner time. The blue one is now called Henry and the red one is called Dugu or something like that (I can’t remember exactly, gotta ask K tomorrow). So far, KL and K are the ones who are excited to have the fishes at home. T is neutral while I am nonchalant about having them around … as long as I’m not the one to feed them or change their water.

Well, these two fishes should survive the night but I’m not sure if they’ll fight (they’re fighting fishes, no?) and I’m certainly not sure how long they’ll be staying with us!


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