National Museum of Singapore

17 Mar 14
K and I visited the museum today. We headed there after lunch and spent about 2 hours at two galleries because that’s as long as his 7-year-old attention span can tolerate. I thought the Singapore History Gallery was very nicely done up — great audio guides, engaging stories, cool decor! After we left the museum, I treated him to a mango sorbet popsicle at an ice cream shop just across the road. And then we headed to a bookshop where he had fun picking out stationary. He chose three mechanical pencils (for himself, KL, T) with coloured lead.

Now, K is off camping at his grandparents’ place again. He’ll be spending Tuesday with his 婆婆/cousins and Wednesday with his 公公. T is quite jealous because he doesn’t have any school holidays this week and he has to go to school on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday. But his jealousy is still manageable because we’re throwing him some freebies like allowing him to watch youtube clips now and then at home. And I’ve already promised him that I’ll bring him out to play on Thursday/Friday.


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