Trouble with homework

Homework 12 Apr 14
I like a lot of things about T’s current childcare, but I dread opening his homework folder every Friday night. He gets assigned a crazy amount of homework for a 4.5 year old person. Two years ago when K switched to this childcare, he also had a difficult time adjusting to the amount of written work he had to do at the K1/K2 level.

Anyway, back to T. He has trouble doing his homework EVERY SINGLE WEEK. If I get him to start on Friday evening, he’ll be complaining that he’s tired (even though he’s not). He’ll whine and cry like it’s the worst thing in the world to do. Of course, we can’t force him to continue further because we cannot risk him feeling loathing school because of that. So I’ll get him to do it on Saturday morning instead, but he’ll be so distracted by K who would have finished his own homework and is playing with toys by then. On bad weeks, T finishes his weekend homework only on Tuesday/Wednesday because he’s only able to tolerate doing a wee bit at a time.

Last weekend, K drew T a reward card with a Mike-lookalike-monster … it was given to T after all his homework was completed.


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