Bloody Monday

Bloody 5 May 14 Bloody Monday morning where T’s nose was just dripping blood for more than 5 minutes! We were on the way to drop K off in school when it happened. KL was driving, T was seating in the front passenger seat, and I was seating in the back passenger seat. I couldn’t even see him properly to hold the tissue for him … so he ended up with a really messy bloody shirt. That day, I was 15 minutes late for work cos I had to wash him and change him into a new shirt when we got to his school. We don’t know what triggered the nose bleed, but it just might be a nut allergy. Grandparents totally forgot that the boys don’t take nuts and T had a mouthful of home-cooked peanut soup on Sunday (less than a day before his nosebleed). He puked immediately after the mouthful of soup. There’s quite a bit of eczema on his upper body these few days and we even got him to take Zrytec before he went to bed (which we don’t get him to do usually, cos his eczema is not as serious as K’s). Luckily, K didn’t even try the peanut soup on Sunday … because the last time K put peanuts in his mouth, it was such an unbearably terrible experience that he remembered it as the “worst day in his life“.


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