Museum junkie

Family 13 May 14
Decided to bring T to the National Museum today because he didn’t join us two months ago. He’s a museum junkie like me, so with him around, we walked a lot more than I did with K. We covered 3 – 4 galleries in 3.5 hours. T especially liked the film and wayang section of the Singapore Living Galleries. There was this montage of 1960s Malay language film clips (with pontianaks and vampires terrorising the villagers) that he watched at least 6 times! I told him that we’ll be visiting the museum in two weeks time when both the Children’s Season and Play@NMS opens to the public, and he’s pretty excited about it =)

KL joined us just as we were finishing the visit. We took lots of pics together today because father and son are in matchy-matchy tops!


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