Major achievements

At 7 years and 2 months old, K traveled on the MRT on his own this week! He got lost on Monday (took the wrong direction, had the good sense to alight and change sides) and got it right on Tuesday. He’s already super familiar with taking a public bus from school to home … having done it on his own every day since January to May. Now he’ll need more training on the MRT and within three months, I hope to be able to get him to travel from his primary school to his grandparents’ place by himself — six train stations away, involves one transfer, involves crossing one traffic light and walking across one carpark.

At 4 years and 9 months old, T read a book on his own today! It’s a 32 page book that has about 5 – 15 words per page.  Nobody has read it to him before and he’s seeing the book for the first time today. Am super proud that he took only about 5 minute plus to read it out to me (with less than 10 words needing my help to pronounce). As compared to his big brother, T’s reading abilities are about 2 years ahead of his big brother =)


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