Get Well … Soon!

11 Jul 14
T was sick last Friday. I picked him up at noon time to see the doc for a child sick MC. I’m not a medicine kind of parent so I refused to get any medicine from the doc, and just brought him home to rest. All in all, he vomited thrice, napped multiple times in the day and was super lethargic. However, lots of fluid + one day later, he was on the road to recovery. He went out to play by Saturday evening and went to school all normal today (yakking non stop beside me now). Children do recover very fast, don’t they?


11 Jul 14 (2)
Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for our elderly folks at home. 公公 is warded yet again, this time to check his stomach. 爷爷 received a cancer diagnosis last Friday, and is due to go for further scans now to find out the severity of the cancer.


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