Connaught Hall

Whew, seven more days to my departure and I FINALLY secured my accommodation. I didn’t even apply for this Hall in the first place … because there are carpets in the rooms and I absolutely can’t stand carpets! So it was quite a shocker when the offer came through email.

I took 2 days to really convince myself that I can accept the carpets. And that was after I considered that the location is great, rent is cheap (for the location at least) and it’s only for 1 year. But what really sealed the deal was when I discovered there’s a Chatime outlet just 500m away! That’s such a frivolous decision breaker but now I won’t be missing bubble tea at all when I’m London =)

Now that accommodation is settled, I’ll have to quickly find a primary school for T. My school is 2km away from the Hall and I’ll try to get him into a school that’s also within 1 – 2km from the Hall. If it all works out, we’ll be walking everyday and there’s no need to spend money on public transport in London.


One thought on “Connaught Hall

  1. Hi Jane, I’ve been reading your blog for a few years. I’m from KL and also going to UK for my masters this September (did my undergrad in Manchester). I’m excited to read about how your boys adapt to London! And I agree about the carpets. Too bad they’re in like 90% of rooms I’ve looked at.

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