Two contrasting meet ups

It’s a really last minute decision, but I decided to push back my London departure date by a week. This means more time to meet up with friends! Today’s meet up was really calm and peaceful even though there were three children involved. The two baby girls were so well behaved and hardly fussed in two hours!!! T amused himself with toy cars and ate a quiet lunch w/out bothering any of the mummies =)

1 Sep 14 

In contrast, at our last meet up involving ALL the boys, it was quite a riot. We couldn’t really get the boys to sit still for a picture until the TV was switched on. The boys were noisy at dinner and kept us mummies going back/forth the dining table. T was also clinging to me for dear life at that meet up because he was so scared of the dog at the host’s house!

5 Apr 14


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