Second day of school in London!

I folded his sleeves for him today because it seeems so much more comfortable than going around with long sleeves. He was happy to be in school and I saw him scooping sand when I left.

He told me that there was pear for morning snack and he didn’t eat it because he doesn’t like pears. There was a story reading time and lunch is always served after story reading time. Lunch was rice, veggies (with corn) and cake but he didn’t eat all his veggies and he didn’t eat cake. There is always play time after lunch. There was math today but they are not required to do any writing, just speaking.

We take about 15 minutes to walk from hall to his school. His scooter arrived this afternoon so we’re going to try scooting to school and I hope that shaves at least 5 minutes from our walking time.


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