Mooooooooo ……

We had a really terrifying experience in Cotswold!

When we were looking for our hotel on Saturday, we followed a map with public walking trails that brought us through the wilderness. We got lost with our printed map (no GPS and mobile reception there, obviously) and ended up being surrounded by more than a dozen cows in the field above. The cows were curious about us and started licking us. There was a black bull that was quite aggressive. Anyway, the three of us were so terrified and we absolutely didn’t dare to run away because we’re really cornered by the cows and they’re so huge and we didn’t want to appear aggressive to them, lest they start attacking us (or worse, trample T). So we didn’t have any solution except to stand still for a very looooooooong time and allowing them to lick us as much as they wanted. T was terrified (he’s even scared of cats and dogs in Singapore) but he listened to me in keeping still, keeping quiet, hugging me tight, and keeping his head buried in my tummy so he wouldn’t have to see the cows around us. After the cows started losing interest in us, we fled to the nearest gate and climbed over!

Oh my gosh, this is such an unforgettable experience!!! We spent quite a bit of effort washing up after that because we’re all so smelly and wet. Needless to say, we didn’t dare wander into any suspicious public walking trails for the rest of our trip.


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