Yummy vegetables in London!

Love the vegetables in London! See how pretty the tomatoes are? And they really turned out as nice as they looked =) Whenever I eat out, I’ve been opting for vegetarian mains because the vegetables here are really sweet and juicy.

Likewise, I incorporate as much vegetables as I can into T’s meals. I cook about 2 – 3 times a week for him (same as I did in Singapore) and it’s not too tedious because he eats a one-dish-meal like the pictures above. I’ll usually cook a greater quantity each time so that I can refrigerate two/three portions of food for the next few days for him. So far he’s been getting a home cooked dinner for most days of the week.


One thought on “Yummy vegetables in London!

  1. Tomatoes in London are so lovely- I bought an Italian heirloom tomato from Borough market once and it was delicious! If you like veggie food you should check out Mildred’s in Soho- they have a really nice cashew and sweet potato curry 😀

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