Goodenough College

Instead of moving to Connaught Hall today, I moved to Goodenough College instead! Admission to Goodenough College is very competitive (I even wrote a resume for my application!), so lady luck really visited me last week when out of the blue an offer for a 3 bedroom flat came just days before my tenure for Connaught Hall started. I was able to terminate the Connaught Hall flat with no penalties (phew) because I’ve not physically moved in yet.

I am super happy with my Goodenough College flat because it has NO CARPETS. Since it’s only me and T in the flat now, it’s way tooooooo big for us. I closed up the main bedroom and the living room so the amount of space is more manageable. The kitchen is great as its so well equipped … comes with an oven, microwave, fridge/freezer, dishwasher, washing machine, cutlery, and even china. I was most pleased with the washing machine and I did two loads of laundry immediately after I unpacked my bags!


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