Happy Birthday Gong Gong!

It’s my dad’s birthday today! My brother and cousin had a little celebration for him. As always, my birthday wish for him is to stay healthy. Less infections and less vacations at SGH for the next 365 days …
On the other side of the world, we had dinner at Little Bay Farringdon Restaurant which is a nearby restaurant that I like. My mum totally didn’t enjoy the dinner though …. because she was so affected by the temper that T threw (about wanting to eat K’s pasta) and the fact that K ate so little (still recovering from being sick). I was nonchalant about their behaviour and I enjoyed the food as I should. My mum doesn’t want to go out and eat anymore tomorrow. She wants to stay home with the boys so they can get as many home cooked meals as possible before she goes off for another holiday to Germany next week.


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