Terezín concentration camp

KL visited the Terezín concentration camp on his own today. This is the second concentration camp he’s visited without us. There is only so much about the Holocaust I can tolerate …. written literature without images is fine, a semi-fictional film is fine, a historical documentary is not, an exhibition on the Holocaust is not, a concentration camp is a definite no … these are just too macabre for me.

It was somewhat depressing, but a good learning experience especially for the boys, to hear KL describe the camp to us. Terezín used to be a fortress with a moat, and the Germans designated it as a model Jewish settlement. The little red clothing shop was a Nazi creation that still stands today. Bodies used to be buried in marked graves. Bodies were then buried in mass graves when the death tolls increased. Bodies were finally incinerated when the death tolls kept on climbing. Wikipedia estimated that approximately 144,000 Jews were sent to this camp.


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