We’re finally in Vienna and it’s snowing here!

We had a harrowing day travelling from Prague to Vienna. On our way to the Prague bus station, we had our metro tickets checked and although we purchased tickets for the day, we punched a wrong (old) one that looked identical (no English words on the ticket!) to the new one and were fined 30 euros! Ah … that’s so much money wasted on a fault that wasn’t ours!

At the Prague bus station, we realized that there was an error in our 10.30am booking so the bus left without us and we were stranded for 5 hours to catch the next bus at 3.30pm. On the 5 hour journey to Vienna, T puked once and was lying down sick/tired the whole trip.

We arrived at our hotel in Vienna after 8.30pm and who would have guessed that a hotel ever closes its reception!?!? After about 5 minutes of frantically trying to contact anyone who works at the hotel, we finally managed to get the key to our room through a password protected letter box. Phew, we were all soooooo happy to be able to check in and get a good night’s rest!

PS: Grabbed the left picture from KL’s FB account. We had a 10 minute pit stop in the middle of nowhere. I had to force T to get out of the bus for some fresh air. From KL’s FB tag, I think the pit stop was in a town in the South of Czech Republic.


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