Meals in March 2015

Can’t believe it’s the end of March already. Time flies! Nothing really special in the boys’ meals this month. K is eating his veg but T is still refusing to eat greens. The only green thing he eats in his life now is avocado, so I make sure he eats a lot of them every week. I’ve submitted most of my assignments for this semester so I have more time on hand to cook meals. For breakfast/supper, I sometimes give them alphabet cereal with a funny message slipped in.

For the adults, we’ve had prata for a few dinners because we found ready made pratas at our nearby supermarket. I also tried making my own seafood pie (from store made sauce and ready mash) and that turned out quite decent!


One thought on “Meals in March 2015

  1. jane, long time I have not visit your blog already. this is bcos the laptop is not in working order then. Now I realise u all actually have quite a lot of food that look delicious. I guess the boys like to yummy them particularly T. bye chat again.

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