Bits and Pieces of March 2015

With March being gone, I’ve completed 2/3 of my program. All the taught classes have ended and I’m looking forward to handing in my final essay this week before heading off for a holiday with the boys.

T has outgrown TWO pairs of school shoes while we’re in London. It’s compulsory for them to wear black leather shoes to school everyday, so I’ve had to fork out quite a bit of money to buy their shoes (£ 25 – 35 per pair). Oh well, at least these shoes are very comfortable so the boys are happy to wear them out on weekends and on holidays too.

Was at a supermarket in Chinatown the other day, and contemplated getting a dragonfruit because both K and myself eat it. But walked closer and saw the insane price … £8.39 per kg, lol! I am so not eating it till I get back to Singapore later this year.

Teaching the boys Chinese is the TOUGHEST thing that we’ve had to do here in London. There are no suitable enrichment classes for them to keep up with the language, so we’ve had to come in to fill up the gap. It’s tough for me because my Chinese is rather mediocre, K is finding it hard to remember what he’s learnt in Singapore, T is refusing to speak the language, and there are so many things to do with my time than to teach Chinese =(


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