Explora Children’s Museum

FotorCreatedItaly6We had a fun day at Explora il Museo dei Bambini in Rome. Or rather, the boys had a fun day at this children’s museum and the adults just tagged along because it was raining the entire day and we couldn’t do anything outdoors. At this museum, children could pretend they are shopping in a supermarket, pretend to cook, pretend to drive a fire engine, etc. What K reeeeeally liked was pretending that he was earning money. It made him so happy to accumulate more than €300 by servicing cars, cycling to deliver parcels and matching dna pairings in a lab. He’s always thinking about earning money, but too bad he has to wait till he’s about fourteen before taking on part time jobs outside.

FotorCreatedItaly7T enjoyed servicing cars very much too, especially running around to pump air into the tyres and topping up the water in the engine. He spent a lot of his earned money on rowing lessons! At the end of two hours, he was sooooo physically exhausted that he couldn’t walk and had to be carried to the train station.


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