FotorCreatedItaly8 We’ve just arrived in Orvieto for the second leg of our holiday! Orvieto is a tiny city that sits on top of a large volcanic rock. We are living in a holiday home that oversees the surrounding lowlands and the view is quite awesome. This entire city is quite ulu, and it feels more like a town than a city actually. Internet connection is slow, there is no money changing services at the city centre, and the local museum has no English explanations to the exhibits.

FotorCreatedItaly9 For all its ulu-ness, the city actually has a very rich papal history. The cathedral, built in the late Middle Ages, was quite an impressive building. I especially liked the zebra striped walls because I’ve never seen a cathedral like that before.

FotorCreatedItaly10 And K turns eight years old today! KL bought him a Roman soldier and a yoyo from the street. K also had a happy meal from Macs on the train ride to Orvieto. And we entertained him with random outbursts of the happy birthday song, which made him quite happy. Of course, T isn’t so glad it’s not his birthday so he would babble rubbish whenever we’re singing.


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