Disastrous journey to Bagnoregio

FotorCreatedItaly11 We rented a car this morning. It was a disastrous journey. We received a huge car and because KL is not very used to the left hand drive system, he hit the right hand mirror within half an hour of the journey! We took a scenic route to Bagnoregio (our destination) … meaning we have to drive through meandering roads on the countryside. But T couldn’t tolerate all the twists and turns and puked TWICE. It was horrible. Even K complained that his tummy ached. I decided we shouldn’t drive anymore because T might continue to puke and with the country roads being so tiny, I didn’t want KL to scratch the car again. We were supposed to rent it for three days to drive around central Italy. But I made him return the car and just pay for the side mirror damage. He’s going to have to plan other things to do for the next two days we’re here =(

FotorCreatedItaly12 Oh, and we didn’t reach our final destination. After returning the car, we took the funicular, ate pizza, went to a local park, ate ice cream and went home to cook dinner. We tried nine flavours of gelato ice cream on our trip so far!


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