FotorCreatedItaly13We took a day trip by train to Arezzo, a city in Tuscany. We walked around the historic old town and visited a lot of churches. We had ice cream in the city square, and for the first time in our trip, K had an allergic reaction from the sorbet. Maybe there was some milk accidentally added to his cup. He was so uncomfortable for an hour after he ate it, and finally after puking everything out in a park, he started to get better. T is seen here devouring a slice of margherita pizza. He loves margherita pizza to bits and eats a slice for lunch almost every day in Italy.

FotorCreatedItaly14Arezzo is a very pretty city, and totally off the beaten track because we only saw a handful of Italian tourists beside ourselves. I think we haven’t seen a lot of Asians for many days in a row already….except the people in our family of course! We visited the local park for the boys to play and the view from the park was quite awesome. The sky in this part of Italy is soooooo pretty and blue!


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