We’re in Sorrento now! It’s a very popular tourist destination that overlooks the Bay of Naples. We took a 130 minute scenic ferry ride to get here. T puked out his entire breakfast on the ferry ride. So did I. K felt queasy and almost wanted to puke a couple of times, but didn’t because he managed to nap instead. I totally didn’t pay attention to the scenery because it was so uncomfortable … so the collage below was from the coast at Salerno (before we boarded the ferry) and not at Sorrento.


The alternative to the ferry is to take a local bus or shuttle service that’s also about 2 hours along narrow roads that thread along the cliffs. A few days later, we will have to make a journey back to Salerno again. Just thinking about it is vomit inducing!


Lots of orange and lemon trees spotted along the street here. We bought one to try, the flash was orangey red and sweet! Only K eats oranges with us. T doesn’t particularly like them except to suck the juice off (which is very messy).

FotorCreatedItaly24We had dinner along the touristy belt just now. The cafe we ate in was so pretty, service was so exemplary (apparently service is good all around in Sorrento) but food was so bleah. I am very sure that it was the worst linguine I ate in Italy so far. KL is surfing tripadvisor now to make sure we pick better eating places tomorrow!


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