Today was the most awesome day ever. We spent five hours waking around the ruins of Pompeii. The entire city was, like the history textbooks say, amazingly well preserved by the volcanic ash.

FotorCreatedItaly25I have read to the boys a few books about Pompeii (when we were back in Singapore) and T is always terrified whenever I suggest visiting Pompeii because he thinks the volcano will suddenly erupt when we are here. Anyway the volcano didn’t erupt today, and he said he enjoyed the visit. He said he thought it was going to be “spooky and scary” with everything buried underground, but it wasn’t like that at all. At bedtime tonight, we read another book about Pompeii that we bought at the tourist bookshop and T used his map to plan a route that he would take to escape out of the town. But before he slept, he told me adamantly that he would NOT ever visit Pompeii in his life again. He thinks the volcano may erupt again when he’s an adult.

It’s a surreal feeling to be visiting Pompeii after having read about the city for so many years. We visited the Colosseum last week and K said some buildings reminded him of the Colosseum. But to me, Pompeii was a hundred or even a thousand times more awesome than the Colosseum. There’s so much to see in Pompeii and endless things to imagine when you’re walking along the street and weaving though the buildings. K pretended he was a cook, a baker, a shopkeeper, and even a gladiator. T pretended he was a student and a customer at all the shops that his brother was in (although he kept requesting for food that won’t be available in the first century AD)!


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