FotorCreatedItaly27Today was another awesome day. We spent four hours walking around the ruins of Herculaneum, another ancient city that was buried like Pompeii on 24 August 79AD when Mount Vesuvius erupted. Herculaneum was buried under hotter and faster flowing gas/rock, so even organic material like wood and skeletons were found at this excavation site.

FotorCreatedItaly28We managed to cover the entire site because it’s very small, whereas we only covered 50 – 60% of the Pompeii site yesterday. Herculaneum used to be wealthier than Pompeii so the houses had more lavish colouring. Other than pretending to sell food, the boys were kept very occupied by their audio guides which came in both adult and children versions.


T puked again today. Sighzzzz….so much puking in this trip. He puked from vanilla ice cream that he ate in the morning. We’ve tried more than twenty flavours of gelato ice cream on this trip already. Vanilla is something he usually doesn’t have trouble with, but this shop’s vanilla has egg ingredients, and somehow he couldn’t tolerate it well and puked everything out. Anyway, the vanilla ice cream tasted very very good (top right hand pic), one of the best vanilla ice creams I’ve ever eaten. We went back to the same shop in the afternoon to try their other gelato flavours and their desserts. They’re all so good that we are most likely going to back tomorrow again to try even more flavours! Of course, no more vanilla for T!


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