FotorCreatedItaly30Third day in a row that we’re visiting yet another archaeological site that was buried in the 79AD eruption. This time round, it’s a villa that is believed to belong to the second wife of Emperor Nero. The villa rooms were huge and impressive! There was also a huge pool found in this particular villa. There are many surrounding areas that remain unexcavated. It won’t be surprisingly if one day, archaeologists discover yet more sites. Maybe then, I’ll be back again for another visit many many years later.

Glad there are no complaints from the boys as they followed me about for days to do what I liked =)

In other news, T didn’t puke today because he ate very safe gelato flavours. But he fell and cut his fingers at Oplotis. Other than puking almost every other day on this trip, he also had a nosebleed a few days ago. Grrrrrrrr, this little boy had so many problems in this trip!


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