The Wonderful World of Oliver Jeffers

FotorCreatedOli1T had a class trip last week and I tagged along because they lacked parent volunteers. We visited the Oliver Jeffers exhibition at Discover Children’s Story Centre in East London. I like Oliver Jeffers and have read five of his books to the boys (and also watched a couple of his videos together with them) so it’s a treat for me to be visiting the exhibition too. All the scenes from “Lost and Found” came alive, complete with a miniature house for the boy, a miniature street with shops the boy encountered, and a miniature beach for the boy to row to the South Pole.

FotorCreatedOli2There’s also an outdoor play area so the children really enjoyed the visit. The funniest thing I heard that day … T asked his partner what she wanted to be when she grew up. Before she could answer, he asked if she “wanted to be a slave”. I nearly choked when I heard the question! Luckily there wasn’t any adults nearby (because that’s such an inappropriate thing to say) and luckily she didn’t understand what he was talking about (she’s Mexican and English is her second language). She said she wanted to be an ice cream maker. But T wouldn’t give up and told her if she’s a slave, she can beg for money and earn twenty four pounds a month. OMG, that night, I taught T about not using such language to talk to his friends anymore, and that it’s not desirable to want to be a slave or beggar when one grows up.

On the topic of school trips, London schools are very big on them. T has so far been to the Zoo, Transport Museum, Science Museum and Discovery Children’s Story Centre. K has so far been to the British Museum, National Portrait Gallery, Science Museum and Natural History Museum. The total number of trips they’ve taken in the past half year alone is more than all the trips they’ve taken in the past 6 – 8 years they’ve been attending Singapore schools!


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