1066 Battle

On 14 October 1066, the Normans and Anglo-Saxons fought a battle in East Sussex. The Normans won, and that marked the start of the Norman conquest in England. We took a train out of London to visit the battle site yesterday. There’s a nice indoor discovery centre on the site for the boys to watch a 15 minute video (they did it twice), look at the weapons used, and learn about the routes leading to the battle.

We also went on the battle trail that led us through a lot of sheep grazing fields. It was eeky to walk through a lot of sheep poop! Plus it was raining that morning so the grass was mushy. I’m terrified of cows and sheep and I couldn’t wait to get out of the trail, lolz … The boys were happy exploring and listening to the audio guides as they went along. I think they learnt quite a bit about William (Norman) and Harold (English) yesterday!

We had lunch at a rustic restaurant just outside the battle site. The jam, scones and bread tasted very good!


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