After the yummy sundubu jjigae (spicy tofu stew) I had on Wednesday, I kept thinking of eating it again. So here we are checking out a Korean restaurant that’s just a couple of tube stations away from our home. Prices were decent and the food was so so so yummy. How yummy? Yummy enough that I made a reservation to eat there again tomorrow with another girlfriend!

We’ve been slowly introducing K and T to salmon sashimi. K is fine with eating a small bit of sashimi if it’s stuck inside his sushi and he will pop everything into his mouth (with soy sauce). T still doesn’t like it and will pick the sashimi bits out and eat just the plain rice.


3 thoughts on “Dotori

  1. And on that soccer note, we can also top everything off with a meal at a jap restaurant! haha 🙂 Asher is in love with jap food. I saw that K likes soccer and art. I think our two eldest have quite a bit in common 🙂

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