Boating in Lake Bled

We went boating twice in Lake Bled. KL did all the rowing of course, while K helped just a tiny little bit. T didn’t really enjoy boating so he parked himself on my lap for the entire ride … except for about 5 minutes when he posed for pictures on KL’s lap. And he kept asking that we make our way back to shore soon.

On our second ride, T was in a better mood because we stopped halfway to take a walk on an island. Amusingly, he fell asleep on my lap on the way back to shore because the constant rocking motion made him feel drowsy!

Interesting snippet about the island we visited … the most imposing structure on the small island was a church named “The Church of the Mother of God on the Lake”. It was a tongue twister that kept the boys arguing for a while because they couldn’t agree who remembered the correct version of the name!


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