Mundoaka Streetfood

Devoting a blog entry to this meal because T vomited big time after eating! Mundoaka Streetfood is a very well reviewed restaurant in Zagreb and T was game to eat everything we gave him … chicken, potatoes, pizza, fusilli, even lemonade. He totally enjoyed the food but complained of a tummy ache about 15 minutes after we left the restaurant. He vomited six hours later (at midnight) and oh my gosh, it was a very messy affair!

We can’t figure out what triggered the allergic reaction. Those are the regular things that he eats, except rabbit meat which he’s trying for the first time with the fusilli. But then he doesn’t have a meat allergy. Hmm …


One thought on “Mundoaka Streetfood

  1. I see the food and suspected T cannot eat those food and true enough he vomited … and for 6 hrs. Any good experience for him and next time be careful.

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