Last three days in London

KL and T are on their way back to Singapore now! Me and K are still in London though, because I need to spend a few more weeks at the library.

Nothing too special for T’s last three days in London. He went to school as usual, and his classmates gave him a big card and plenty of arty-crafty gifts to say goodbye. Luckily everything could be squeezed into his luggage. On his last day at school, we also met with his class teacher to chat about his progress this term. She said that he’s been visibly happier and more confident in interacting with his friends. He has good literacy and numeracy skills. Unfortunately, he also has a really stubborn streak that needs to be corrected. He refuses to write beyond what he thinks it’s sufficient for whatever work he’s doing, and he will stubbornly stick to his decision even if it eats into his playtime. That’s exactly the problem we face when it’s weekend homework time. He is interested in many subjects, he knows a lot of things (through the educational videos that he loves to watch on YouTube), he’s perfectly capable of writing these things down on his homework book, but he just refuses to write it most of the time. I wonder how that will pan out next year when he’ll be forced to write a lot in P1. Speaking of P1, we’ve not registered him yet and intend to do so in end July at the very last phase for Singaporeans.

Anyway, T has certainly grown so much in the past few months that he’s spent in London. He looks so different from the babyish boy who accompanied me here last year! He’ll probably shock his grandparents when they see him this weekend.


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