Earning money at home

Today, K decided that he wanted to spend the money he’s earned since P1. He’s taken such a long time to get here because we don’t allow him to save his pocket money from school. That’s strictly reserved for eating and anything that’s unused gets rolled over to the next day. Some of the money he has earned was from a good boy chart last year. But we’re phasing out those charts at home and instead we have a system where he earns money from us. 10 cents for vacuuming the house or mopping the kitchen. 10 cents for reading every 60 pages of a chapter book. Sometimes he wheedles 10 or 20 cents from KL for putting in a lot of effort in Chinese or for completing some challenging Math assignments, though I’m not really keen to give him money for school-related work that he’s supposed to be doing anyway.

Money is quite hard to come by for him, so he’s v careful when it comes to spending his own money. Look at his serious face when he’s counting his money! Needless to say, he was exceedingly happy with his new toy! And he was generous enough to get a water gun for T from Daiso =)


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