K’s Area

K is the messiest person in our family. He’s into making things nowadays, especially things that move or shoot. Because of this interest, he hoards a LOT of stationary and what not. The whole house is so messy every time he finishes a plane or gun or boomerang etc etc etc. I don’t pack up his mess because he’s expected to do so himself. But the problem is that he doesn’t. And because some of his things take a few days to make, the house is in a perpetual mess.

Two days ago, I decided that I’ve had enough. I moved the furniture to designate a corner that belongs only to him. Within “K’s Area”, he’s allowed to be as messy as he wants but he can’t cross the line and the rest of our living room needs to stay neat. Just now when I stepped into the area to take photos, it was super duper messy as I expected, lol!


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