Bits and Pieces of November 2015

K is in full holiday mode now. There’s no camps in November for him, so he does 2 hours of writing/counting/reading in the morning and spends the rest of the day working on what he likes. Other than continuing to make things that shoot, he’s now trying to build a car. Watching a lot of YouTube videos to do that. It’s been a few days but his car isn’t moving well (yet). When I tried it just now, the bottle cap wheels fell off the tooth picks and the second bottle fell off from the motor. Anyway, lots more to experiment before it’ll work.

K gave those cute clips to his classmates on the last day of school. We’re pleased that he finally got a place in the primary school downstairs. Come January, he’ll be able to walk to school and walk home from school with his brother. K is himself happy that he gets more sleep in the morning, but also sad that he won’t be able to see his current bunch of classmates anymore.

T continues to prepare for primary school. I brought him out for lunch quite a few weekdays this month so he gets more practice in crossing the road (can never teach enough on that) and how to take buses on his own (progress is slow but not so urgent for him to learn). December will be spent teaching him how to use a mobile phone plus getting him to practice buying more things on his own.

Our Christmas tree is out of the store room! We can’t find the stand + lights + decorations anymore. K’s been tasked to think of how to make the tree stand plus decorate the tree with whatever he can create from his recycled material.


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