Darnest things that T says

Many months ago in London

T was trying to explain oyster sauce to K. Okay in the first place he doesn’t even know what that is. In his muddled explanation, oyster sauce is actually a product of a Chinese religion. Huh?!? What is a Chinese religion? Why is a sauce from a religion? Mind-boggling …

Many months ago in London too

T was trying to explain how Hitler marched his armies to mosquito. Huh?!? After a lot of guessing, I finally found out that he was trying to describe the invasion to Moscow, lol!

16 Oct 15

T thinks I am very good in Chinese. He told me that I can be a Chinese teacher in his school. But he doesn’t know that in fact, I really dislike teaching them Chinese at home. I gave T reasons like I don’t want to deal with misbehaving children, I don’t want to keep repeating instructions to children who don’t listen to me … yadda yadda ya. He thought for a while and said that I can shout at them if they do not listen to me. And if they still do not listen, I just have to shout louder. I won’t be surprised if that’s what his teachers at school do. I would too, if I have to handle so many of them so many hours a day and so many days a week. Tsk, tt’s tough being an early childhood teacher.

15 Nov 15

Told T he needs a haircut soon. And if I am lazy to cut for him, he should go downstairs to cut. He says he doesn’t want to wear a bra. And he repeated bra a few times. After a while, I realized he doesn’t want to wear a bib, lol!

3 Dec 15

The NTUC downstairs has been running an ad for part-time staff over the festive period. T announced this morning that K should work in the supermarket when he grows up, so that when the family gets sick K can bring home Strepsils and Riccola sweets. Erm, I asked T in this case why doesn’t he himself go work in the supermarket then because he wants to eat those sweets when he’s sick. He says he wants to be a doctor and scientist, K doesn’t so he can work in the supermarket. Woah, cool to be able to decide your brother’s ambition!


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