Messy environment

These two little people thrive in a messy environment.

The older one sits on top of a rubbish pile everyday and churns out things. This week, he was particularly creative when he made a pair of scissors out of two ice cream sticks, a push pin, paper and tape. And the scissors really works! It cuts through max three pieces of paper.

The younger one has been sitting on top on a pile of messy puzzle pieces for a few days … He decided that he likes puzzles all over again after having not played them for months. He actually poured out many boxes all at once and started doing different puzzles (104 pieces, 250 pieces, 250 pieces) at the SAME time. I’m going to pack all the completed ones this weekend and then start giving them away to the smaller children we know. We need more space at home for advanced puzzles for him (500 pieces, 750 pieces).

Took a pic of today’s dinner. Lots of carrots in their bowls because I’m working with T now to eat more veg at home. He doesn’t want to eat greens still (the broccoli was not touched), but carrots he’s happy to chow down as long as its soft. He ate all the carrots on his bowl just now and that’s a a whole small carrot!


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