Petrosains in December 2015

As a family, we love visiting Science Museums and Science Centres. The boys like tactile exhibitions, KL likes all things science-y, and I like learning about the social aspects of science/technology. Boys are allowed to spend as much time as they want with any exhibit they fancy. That’s why each visit takes us more than four hours, and still we never ever complete each place. Plus Petrosains @ KLCC has quite a big floor area, so we definitely need to make 1 – 2 more visits there!

It was v crowded the day we were there. We purchased at tickets at 11am to get in two hours later. We had to queue another hour till 2pm before we actually got into the Centre itself. Luckily there were magicians peddling their tricks in the queuing area and that helped to break the monotony of waiting.

Entry to Petrosains was FREE for all of us because they have a partner program with the Singapore Science Centre. Showing your annual Singapore pass allows you to visit partner premises for free.


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