First day of school

Morning was good. T survived his first day in primary school! He ate macaroni at recess and is pretty confident about walking home from school, though he hasn’t tried walking on his own yet. He will probably get a chance soon … after K sorts out his CCA with the school.

Afternoon was terrible, unfortunately. Both were drawing when I came home. Nothing was done for the next day, even though both know my expectation for bags to be packed BEFORE I am home. Okay so I gave them a chance (since its the first day and all) to pack when I was getting dinner ready. But can you believe that they took ONE AND A HALF HOURS to do so?!? Even K. Dinner was one and a half hours late because nobody gets to eat unless bags are ready for school the next day. No time to read, no time to do fun activities after dinner …

I can’t figure out if it’s because T is a bad influence on his brother, or the two of them are bad influences on each other. But for the past two years when K was alone at home, K would have finished all his work, arranged everything that needs a signature, and packed his bag before 4pm because that’s the magic time he starts playing. It was a big shock for me today when nothing was done right. Nagged them to no end at dinner time because packing a bag for school takes 5 or max 10 minutes. Wah, I really cannot bear to see this happening again. Let’s see how it goes tomorrow …


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