It’s getting better …

T had bouts of anxiety this week, but he’s getting better with each passing day. He just needs a longer time to get used to being a primary school student.

  • Packing his bag: First day he was super stressed about doing it on his own, second day he did it in a shorter time with some help from KL, third and fourth days he packed everything on his own.
  • Buying food for lunch (after school): First day he didn’t want to do it, second day he threw a tantrum about wanting K to help him buy, third day he was okay with buying himself, fourth day of course he’s totally fine too.
  • Doing homework: First and second days there wasn’t any, third day he was upset that the flowers he drew are not nice and insisted KL help him, fourth day he completed homework on his own along with a lot of complaining.


Other random shots from our week …. this primary school emphasizes a lot on character/personal development so K has worksheets that are quite different from those in his old school, he was thinking v hard about how to answer some of these questions. T was learning how to draw 3D shapes a few days ago and he went crazy trying to draw a nice looking cube. K made a treasure box from a recycled egg carton, last I checked he counted staple bullets among the treasures he owned. T chose to get a red bag for school and not a boy-ish coloured one, great choice because its bright and nice! K’s school bag is three years old and still serving him well, hope it’ll last all the way till P6.


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