Lim Beng Gee



My father passed away a month ago, on 16 January 2016.

Seeking closure after the death of a loved one is never easy. My father, of all people, knew that well. In every murder case that he encountered, dedication consumed him to search for answers and pursue the truth that the deceased so deserved. In his life, he worked tirelessly to help others say a fitting goodbye to the ones who departed abruptly before them. In his death, I was glad that the same was done for him.

So many of his former colleagues came to his wake to remember the exceptional criminal investigator he once was – he would have been so pleased to know that. So many media articles featured him in their obituaries that I stopped keeping track after the third day – again he would have been so pleased to know that.

I shared with my family that we are mourning his passing not with sadness, but with the gratification that in his life, he has achieved so much. It brings me some comfort that the memories of his distinguished career are what survives him.



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